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July Comic Sales Up Modestly

Graphic Novels Flat

Published: 08/21/2007 12:00am

Direct market sales of comic stores were up a modest 6% over the previous year in July, and graphic novels were up only 1% leading to a combined growth rate of 5% vs. 2006.  That was the lowest growth rate in over six months, but there were an unusual number of top 25 titles without previous issues in June, indicating that books are late or that there was a fifth week artifact.  Regardless, we rarely get too excited about single month trends because they tend to smooth out over a quarter.

The top few graphic novels accounted for fewer dollars in July than in June, contributing to a slight month to month drop.  Marvel captured the top spot with Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake - Vampire Hunter HC and DC's 52 Vol. 2 TP landed at the second position.  Strong titles lower in the list, such as the umptieth printing of Marvel Zombies, which came in at #6 in both pieces and dollars, kept the dollars from dropping much over-all vs. June, and up slightly from July 2006.

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