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Comics, GN Sales Up Modestly in January

Corrected Numbers Lower

Published: 03/04/2008, Last Updated: 03/17/2008 11:30pm

A technical glitch in Diamond Comic Distributors' computer system resulted in incorrect information that led to the inflation of January's direct market sales figures.  Corrected figures are now available and rather than the previously reported 7% gain in periodical sales, they were actually just up 1% over January 2007, while graphic novels were up a modest 3%, not the gaudy 17% that was previously reported.  Still nine comic titles sold over 100,000 copies (versus just six in December) and periodical sales did outpace (however slightly) a strong January of 2007, which posted a 26% gain over January of 2006.


The 3% increase in graphic novel sales continued to outpace gains in the sales of periodicals, continuing a trend that was apparent through most of 2007.  But the gain in graphic novels was not enough to move the combined sales of comics and graphic novels above the 1% mark.


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