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May Comics Boffo!

Best Year-Over-Year Gain This Century

Published: 06/19/2006 12:00am

Spurred by sales of Marvel's Civil War and DC's weekly 52 series, periodical comics sold in North America through Diamond Comic Distributors had their best month ever since ICv2 began tracking comic sales, soaring 38% above the total for May, 2005.  Civil War#1 debuted at #1, displacing DC's Infinite Crisis, and all four weekly issues of DC's 52 made the top ten.  Thirteen titles sold over 100,000 in May, almost twice as many as topped 100K in April.


After two months of decline due to the Sin City effect that drove graphic novel sales in 2005, graphic novels posted a modest 3% gain in May 2006 versus 2005.  Over-all sales of both comics and graphic novels were up 32% versus May 2005 -- and the dollar total is highest dollar amount registered by the comic market since ICv2 has been compiling these numbers.


Sales of comic periodicals have risen (on a year-over-year basis) every month so far in 2006, but the rise in May was by far the largest.


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