Interview with Lee and Didio

Market Overview, Licensing, the Move, Vertigo, More

At New York Comic Con, ICv2 caught up with DC co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan Didio to discuss the market, including the changes to the audience for comics, DC’s recent licensing snafus, the upcoming move to the west coast, the plan for Vertigo, and more.  
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New 'Disney Kingdoms' Series

'Big Thunder Mountain Railroad'

Marvel will launch a new Disney Kingdoms series: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
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Movie Rights to Dash Shaw GN Acquired


Fox has acquired the film rights to the Dash Shaw graphic novel Doctors.
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'Magic' 'Up Double Digits' in Q3

In Up Quarter for Hasbro

Hasbro had increases in Boys and Games, declines in Girls and Pre-School.
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'Princess Bride-opoly'

From Toy Vault

Toy Vault will release movie-bases boad game in Q1 2015.
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Alex Ross 'Star Wars' Cover

Homage to Original Chaykin Cover

Homage to original Howard Chaykin Issue #1 cover.
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'Dark Matter' on SyFy

Helmed by 'Stargate' Vets

Network greenlights adaptation of Dark Horse space opera comic.
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New 'My Little Pony' Movie Planned

For 2017

New theatrical film planned for 2017 release.
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Dates, Details for 'My Little Pony CCG' Expansion

'Crystal Games'

Enterplay has revealed info, art for The Crystal Games.
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Papercutz Expands OGN Line

With Two 2015 Titles

Two more original graphic novels for tweens.
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'Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers--Age of Ultron'

In May

WizKids has announced a new set for its popular game.
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