'Spider-Woman' Manara Variant Spurs Controversy

Marvel Responds

A variant cover for Spider-Woman #1 by Italian artist Milo Manara has come under fire for its depiction of the character.
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CNN's Anderson Cooper Investigates Black Widow

In 'Black Widow' #12

Female Avenger facing some high-caliber media fire.
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'Robotech RPG Tactics' Update

First Container in U.S.

First containers have arrived in U.S., but delayed in customs.
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'Kingsport Festival' and 'Provincia Romana'

From Passport Game Studios in October

Two new games from Passport Game Studios planned for October.
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New 'Castle Panic' Expansion

Planned for 2015

The Dark Titan expansion is planned for 2015 release. 
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Dynamite Launches DRM-Free Digital Program

Benefiting CBLDF for First Month

Portion of sales benefit CBLDF for first month.
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WotC Bails on 'Kaijudo'

August Release Will Be the Last

Wizards of the Coast is ceasing production of new paper Kaijudo TCG releases after the August release.
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'Spike' and 'Spellcaster'

Two New Games from R&R Games

Two new titles from R&R Games planned for October release.
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'Ascension: Year One Collector's Edition'

Holiday Release Planned

November set includes first year and promo cards.
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Catalyst Game Labs Gen Con Updates

'Shadowrun,' 'BattleTech,' 'Valiant Universe RPG'

New products for Shadowrun, BattleTech, Valiant Universe RPG, and more.
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Gen Con 2014 Photos--Part 5


The story in pictures; our third set from Friday.
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