'Villainy: Diabolical Doom-Dealing Doers of Dastardly Deeds'

From Mayfair Games, Art by Jay Stephens

Mayfair Games will release the aspiring super villain card game Villainy: Diabolical Doom-Dealing Doers of Dastardly Deeds on August 21st.  The game will feature art by cartoonist Jay Stephens.
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'Unita,' 'Desperados of Dice Town,' 'Archipelago: War & Peace'

From Asmodee in May

Three new releases from Asmodee coming in May.
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Steven Yeun, Felicia Day in 'Chew'

'The Walking Dead' Actor Voicing Tony Chu

The Walking Dead actor to voice Tony Chu in animated adaptation of comic.
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Cartoon Network Buries 'Beware the Batman'

Animated Series Will Air at 3 A.M.

Failed Beware the Batman series will air at 3am.
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Max Brooks' 'Extinction Parade' Optioned for TV

By Legendary Entertainment

Legendary Entertainment is developing Brooks' Avatar Press comic for TV.
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Philly YCS

May 17-18

Next Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series in Philly, May 17 - 18.
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'World Trigger' Sci-Fi Manga

First Two Volumes Out in October

Will the SF manga World Trigger be a hit like Attack on Titan?
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Amazon Sales Drop 10% in Online Sales Tax States

Study Involves 245,000 Households

Sales tax drops Amazon sales, but brick-and-mortar stores get little benefit.
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'Flash Gordon' Movie in the Works at Fox

'Star Trek 3' Scribes Will Adapt

New Flash Gordon movie project set up at Fox.
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Mark Ruffalo Posts Pics From 'Age of Ultron' Set

Shooting Underway on 'Avengers' Sequel

Check out the first set photos from The Avengers: Age of Ultron.
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DC Releases September 'Future's End' Solicitations

Because of 3-D Covers, But No Creative Teams

DC is soliciting for its September 3-D covers now.
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