Three Avengers-Ultron Specials

Lead into Movie Release

Marvel has announced a trio of oversize Avengers vs. Ultron comics for April, generating more new titles that can be sold in the aura of the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie.
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Texas DA Comics Theft - The Sequel

Accomplice Indicted

Second investigator indicted in the theft of valuable comics.
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'Justice League: Dark' Script Complete

Guillermo del Toro's DC Comics Adaptation

DC Comics adaptation by Guillermo del Toro takes another step.
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New 'Flash vs. Arrow' Trailer

So, Who Would Win in a Fight?

Soon viewers will find out who will win the CW superhero match-up.
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'Constantine' Showrunner Asks for Support

After First Season Ended at 13 Episodes

Asking fans to ensure that the show returns for a second season.
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THR Ranks Hollywood's Most Powerful Comics Writers

With Kirkman at the Top

Kirkman is the most powerful comics writer in Hollywood.
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Manga, Strategy Games Grow for Book Chain

As BAM Reports Sales Increases

The 260 store-chain explained its growth in the quarter.
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John Kovalic's 'Double Feature'

From Renegade Games in 2015

Movie card game from Renegade Games in 2015.
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'Deep State' and 'The Rinse' Sold to Fox

Two Drama Series Based on BOOM! Titles

Two drama series planned, based on BOOM! Studios titles.
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'Star Wars' #1 Launch Party

Pins, Lithographs, Exclusive Party Variant

Party kits include pins, lithographs and an exclusive variant cover.
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Ellie Pyle Moves From Marvel to DC

New Vertigo Editor

DC hires Pyle as Vertigo Editor.
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