'Gloom 2E'

From Atlas This Summer

Information from Atlas on new edition of popular card game.
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'Star Trek' One-Shot Ties to X-Prize

All Six Doctors Together

All six doctors appear in comic tied to real world competition.
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B&N Charman Expands Insider Selling

With Another 3.7 Million Shares

Riggio expanded his sales of stock with another 3.7 million shares.
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'Chastity' Ongoing Series

In July

Revived Chaos! Comics character to have own series in July.
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'Wormwood' Animated Series

With George Lopez, David M. Stern

IDW Entertainment partners with George Lopez, David M. Stern.
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'Earth 2: World's End' Weekly Series

In October

Multiple talents, overseen by Daniel H. Wilson, on story in October.
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Warren Ellis to Reimagine 'Project Superpowers' Universe

Beginning in Late 2014

In late 2014, return of Golden Age heroes.
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Top 10 Tabletop Game Kickstarters

As of April 16, 2014

One new title cracked the top 10 chart.
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Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Targets 'X-Men' Director

On Eve of PR Push

Singer has been accused of sexually abusing a 17-year old boy.
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Another $1+ Million Tabletop Game Kickstarter

'Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King'

$1,151,889 from 6,589 backers to fund Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King.
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Ten Seconds to Eye 'Strain'

Short Trailer Promoting Series

A new ten second clip from the Guillermo del Toro series is a great look.
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'Kaijudo: Quest for the Gauntlet'

In May

Wizards of the Coast has announced details on the Quest for the Gauntlet set.
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