Alan Moore Pens 'Crossed: +100'

Miniseries Set in Garth Ennis 'Crossed' Universe

Moore miniseries set a century after Garth Ennis horror comic begins.
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Frank Cho's 'Skybourne' and 'World of Payne'

In 2015

Two creator-owned series launching in 2015.
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'D&D: DM Guide' Delayed

Pushed Back to December

Last of the first range of Dungeon & Dragons releases delayed by three weeks.
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Captain Apollo Death Revealed in 'BSG' Continuity

Chronicled in New 'Death of Apollo' Miniseries

Miniseries details demise of beloved starfighter pilot.
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Sanrio Tries to Find Hello Kitty 'Bronies'

In New Campaign

Sanrio is launching a new initiative, the Hello Kitty Men Project.
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'Korra' Returns

Next Month

The fourth season of Legend of Korra will begin streaming on October 4th.
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Sheriff Attacks 'Soul Eater'

Says Caused Arson Attack

A Florida sheriff has attacked the manga as being a cause of an arson attack.
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'Munchkin Gloom'

And 'Munchkin Adventure Time 2--It's a Dungeon Crawl'

Steve Jackson Games announced two new Munchkin products tied to other brands.
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Guinness Names World's Largest Comic Collection

California Collector

He had 94,268 individual comics.
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'No Good Deed' Tops Another Lackluster Session

'Guardians' First 2014 Movie Over $300 Million

No Good Deed on top as Guardians of the Galaxy first to pass $300 million.
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Games Workshop Sales, Profits Decline

As North American Stores Cut

Nearing the end of a reorganization it hopes will turn things around.
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Joe Field's Acceptance Speech for Clampett Award

Presented at Comic-Con

The acceptance speech and why he missed the ceremony.
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