Charles Kochman Interview, Part 1

Insider Info on 'Art of Simon & Kirby Studio'

We discuss the recently released The Art of Simon and Kirby Studio.
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Charles Kochman Interview, Part 2

Abrams and ComicArts Spring 2015 Releases

In Part 2, we discuss Spring 2015, including a graphic novel on Ayn Rand.
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Charles Kochman Interview, Part 3

Abrams and ComicArts Fall 2015 Releases

In Part 3, we talk about a new book focusing on Charles Schulz as an artist, and more.
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'Exodus' Wins Weekend as Box Office Plummets

'Diddley Squat' for Ridley Scott Epic

Diddley squat for Ridley Scott epic as box office dives 44%. 
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Martin Wallace's 'Onward to Venus' and 'Mythotopia'

Two Asmodee Winter Releases

Two Asmodee winter releases.
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FRED Distribution Merges Game Lines

Eagle-Gryphon Games

Consolidates its two lines as Eagle-Gryphon Games.
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'Village' Expansion

'Village Port'

TMG releasing Village Port, second expansion for Kennerspiel des Jahres winner.
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'Star Wars' Character Names Revealed

Through Trading Card Images

Lucasfilm has released retro-style trading card images of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
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EBay Looks at Major Job Cuts

In Marketplace Division

EBay is looking at potential job cuts in its marketplace division.
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Marvel Confirms 'Star Wars' #1 Orders

Over One Million

Strong comic shop orders and a large number of exclusive covers helped.
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New Edition of 'Lords of Scotland'

In Spring

Z-Man Games plans new edition for Spring 2015.
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Bushiroad Reveals First Half of 2015 Schedule

For 'CFV,' 'Weiss Schwarz,' 'Future Card Buddyfight'

For all three CCGs.
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