'Guardians' Back at #1 As 'Sin City 2' Bombs

Disastrous 8th Place Debut for 'A Dame to Kill For'

Studio calls SIn City 2 a major disappointment.
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Manara Responds to Criticism of 'Spider-Woman' Cover

'Not My Fault If Women Are Like That'

In words more likely to inflame than mollify, Manara responds.
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First Look at Funko's 'Dancing Baby Groot'

Details Available Next Week

Price and release date info available next week.
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Disney to 'Redefine Longform Storytelling' With 'Star Wars'?

Novels, Comics, & Cartoons Will ‘Count’

Will meticulously planned new Star Wars trilogy redefine longform storytelling?
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New 'Flash' TV Spot

How the Series Handles Superspeed

New shots of the Scarlet Speedster in action.
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'Hanabi Deluxe'

In Q4

R&R Games will release deluxe version of popular Spiel des Jahres winner.
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From 'Dominion' and 'Kingdom Builder' Designer

Queen Games will release card game by Dominion designer Donald X. Vaccarino.
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Weak Thursday Debut for 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For'

Brings In Just $475K

Even with new Lady Gaga poster, a finish in the top three would be a win.
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The Absorbing Man to 'Soak It Up' in 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' Premiere

Crusher Creel Leads Trio of New Characters From the Marvel U

Brian Patrick Wade to play Crusher Creel in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premiere.
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'Spider-Woman' Manara Variant Spurs Controversy

Marvel Responds

A variant has come under fire for its depiction of the character.
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CNN's Anderson Cooper Investigates Black Widow

In 'Black Widow' #12

Female Avenger facing some high-caliber media fire.
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'Robotech RPG Tactics' Update

First Container in U.S.

First containers have arrived in U.S., but delayed in customs.
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