'King's Forge,' 'Tiny Epic Kingdoms,' and 'Alien Frontiers'

From Game Salute

Game Salute CEO Dan Yarrington shared details.
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New 'Dresden Files,' Talent, One Shot Announcements

From Dynamite at ECCC

Dynamite Entertainment teed up a number of announcements for Emerald City Comic Con.
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'Winter Soldier' Stellar Overseas

'Noah' Takes Domestic Crown

Noah wins here, but Winter Soldier is tops overseas.
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'Adventure MAXIMUS!'

'Kid-Friendly' RPG From Eden Studios

Kid-friendly RPG from Eden Studios arrives in May.
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TCGPlayer to Consolidate Retailer Shipping

'TCGPlayer Direct'

The service will pull orders for third party sellers from its own inventory.
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More 'Gotham' Cast Pics

First Looks at Penguin and Alfred

First looks at Oswald Cobblepot and Alfred Pennyworth.
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Aborted 'Popeye' Strips to See Print

In Second Bobby London Collection

Dean Mullaney of Library of American Comics has dropped a bit of a bombshell.
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Peter David on 'Spider-Man 2099'

New Ongoing Series

Ongoing series with art by Will Sliney, and covers by Simone Bianchi.
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75th Anniversary of Batman Celebration

Warner Bros. and DC Plan Year-Long Push

Warner Bros. and DC plan year-long push with events and merch.
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Toys R Us Loses $1 Billion

In 2013

That compares to a $38 million profit in the fiscal year that ended in early 2013.
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'Malifaux' RPG

'Through the Breach'

Through the Breach, based on Wyrd Miniatures skirmish game world.
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First 'TMNT' Trailer

More Megan Fox Than Turtles

More about Megan Fox than the turtles themselves.
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