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Bandai, Toei, and Kadokawa Strengthen Ties

With Cross-Investments

Published: 03/09/2007 12:00am

Namco Bandai Holdings, Toei, and Kadokawa have completed a series of cross-investments that strengthen ties between the companies.  Namco Bandai bought stock in Toei, and Toei and Toei Animation bought stock in Namco Bandai. 


Toei also sold new shares to four Japanese television networks and the Dentsu advertising agency. 


Namco Bandai bought stock in Kadokawa and Kadokawa in Namco Bandai.


The new relationships give Namco Bandai better connections to two important content producers, which can provide Namco Bandai with licenses for videogames, toys, games, and other products.

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