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Mike Banks of Samurai Comics on Rory Root

'Horribly Sad News'

Published: 05/22/2008 12:00am

Mike Banks of Samurai Comics in Phoenix, Arizona, saw the news about the passing of Rory Root (see “Rory Root, Pioneering Comics Retailer”), and says it is “horribly sad news:”


Rory Root has passed away.  What a sad day for the comic book industry.   He was always a shining light in the retailing community that I tried to model my own efforts after. So many of the things we do in our stores were born out of simply watching what Rory was doing with Comic Relief, and trying our best to emulate them.  One of things I looked forward to most at industry events was finding time to sit with Rory and talk shop.  Wow. I’m stunned.  What horribly sad news.  He is going to be sorely missed.


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