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Comic Sales Continue Decline in May

Graphic Novels Down Sharply

Published: 06/18/2008, Last Updated: 07/21/2008 02:17pm
Sales of periodical comics declined in May for the fourth month in a row posting a 6% drop compared with sales in May of 2007 when, led by the Death of Captain America, some 15 titles sold over 100,000 copies (versus just seven in May 2008).  Still periodical comics posted a 7% gain from April, though it was not enough to compete with May 2007.  For the second month in a row graphic novel sales declined and actually dropped more precipitously than periodical comics.

Graphic novels dropped 17% when compared with May of 2007, which was a very strong month for graphic novel releases led by Y: The Last Man Vol. 9, Walking Dead Vol. 6, five various Civil War-related trades plus DC’s 52 Vol. 1, Archaia Studios’ Mouseguard and Dynamite Entertainment’s The Boys.

While sales of periodical comics were off some 7% in Q1, graphic novels were actually up 5% for the initial quarter of 2008, but the sales decline appears to have caught up with graphic novels.  With substantial drops in both April (7%) and May (17%), it will take a very strong performance from the graphic novel category in June to avoid an overall drop for the quarter.

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