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Batwoman Takes Over 'Detective'

Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams at the Helm

Published: 02/09/2009 01:23pm

Batwoman, DC Comics’ highest profile lesbian character, will take over Detective Comics with issue #854 in a story arc written by Greg Rucka (Queen and Country, Whiteout, Action Comics) and illustrated by J. H. Williams III (Promethea, Desolation Jones).  The new story line featuring Batwoman, who was introduced in the eleventh issue of DC’s 52, is timed to coincide with Batman’s “death-induced” absence from his flagship Detective Comics series.


Detective Comics #854, the first issue in the Batwoman story arc, ships in April. After much discussion concerning a solo mini-series for the character, who is controversial solely because of her sexual orientation, DC has apparently decided to proceed cautiously and gauge reaction to the character’s appearance in Detective Comics.

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