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75,000 Copies of First 'LOEG 3'

'Century Part 1'

Published: 02/12/2009 01:04am

Top Shelf plans a first print run of 75,000 copies of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 3:  Century Part 1, the first of three 80-page books that will make up LOEG Vol. 3 (see “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 3”).  The book is planned for release in April, and if even a fraction of the people that will have bought the Watchmen graphic novel by then seek out this new work from Moore, that print run won't last long.


The comic-sized work will be written by Alan Moore with art by Kevin O'Neill; lettered by Todd Klein, colors by Ben Dimagmaliw.  The three parts of Volume 3 each take place in different eras, with an apocalyptic finish in the present. 

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