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Preview of 'Unlovable' Vol. 1

From Fantagraphics Books

Published: 02/24/2009, Last Updated: 02/23/2009 04:53am
Unlovable Vol. 1
Fantagraphics Books
Street date: March 4, 2009
Author/Artist: Esther Pearl Watson
Format: 408 pgs.; 5.75" x 5.75"; HC
ISBN: 978-1-56097-955-5

From the pages of Bust magazine, the sometimes ordinary, sometimes humiliating, often poignant and frequently hilarious exploits of '80s teen underdog Tammy Pierce: big hair, boogers, boys and other high school pitfalls.  This popular strip is collected in a chunky hardcover between hot pink covers with sparkly blue glitter.

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