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Preview of 'The Wolverton Bible'

From Fantagraphics Books

Published: 02/23/2009, Last Updated: 03/26/2009 01:20am
The Wolverton Bible
Fantagraphics Books
Release date: March 4, 2009
Author/Artist: Basil Wolverton
Format: 320 pgs.; 8" x 10"; hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-56097-964-7

Compiled for the first time, in a beautiful hardcover, the legendary MAD and EC artist's lesser-known, later Biblical illustrations for the Worldwide Church of God covering the Old Testament and Book of Revelations.  Supplemented with Wolverton's cartoons and humorous illustrations for various Worldwide Church publications, and an introduction by Grant Geissman.

The following exclusive preview pages are from the opening Creation sequence:

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