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Inkworks Cards Ceases Operations

Entertainment Card Stalwart

Published: 03/26/2009, Last Updated: 03/27/2009 04:02am

Licensed entertainment card manufacturer Inkworks Cards, founded by Allan Caplan in 1995, has ceased operations. The company’s next scheduled release was Ghost Whisperer.  Declines in trading card sales since the global economic crisis accelerated last September have created a difficult environment for manufacturers in the category. 


Inkworks’ recent releases, which include the Spirit and Twilight films, illustrate the difficulty in consistently picking winners in the licensed trading card business.  Twilight was a surprise hit, which Inkworks CEO Caplan said was a strong performer for the company, while Spirit was a weak movie and trading card release. 


This leaves Topps and Rittenhouse as the last major producers of entertainment trading cards (with the occasional sets from Upper Deck and Donruss).


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