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Preview of 'Luba'

From Fantagraphics Books

Published: 04/07/2009, Last Updated: 11/30/1999 12:00am
Fantagraphics Books
Release date: May 2009
Author/Artist: Gilbert Hernandez
Format: 600 pages; 7" x 10.25"
ISBN: 978-1-56097-960-9

The long-awaited sequel to the perennial classic Love and Rockets collection "Palomar" finally arrives.  The iconic, imposing, hammer-wielding matriarch Luba (along with her ever-expanding family) takes center stage in this omnibus hardcover collection -- over 100 stories chronicling Luba's life as an immigrant in turn-of-the-millennium Southern California.

Readers of mature, intelligent comics have thrilled to Love and Rockets for over 25 years; the arrival of this book is a comics event.

Description of excerpt: pages 4-9, featuring Luba's precocious niece Venus.

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