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'Wonderland Trilogy' Continues in July

With 'Escape From Wonderland'

Published: 04/28/2009 04:12pm

Zenescope has announced plans for a third and final mini-series installment of Wonderland, a supernatural horror comic book series loosely based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.  Issue #0 of Escape From Wonderland, the first of seven, is slated for release in July.  The first Wonderland mini-series, Return to Wonderland, was published in 2007, while the second portion of the trilogy, Beyond Wonderland was published in 2008. 


Zenescope’s Wonderland comics are a sequel of sorts to Carroll’s masterpiece.  The comics chronicle the adventures of an adult Alice and her strong-willed daughter Callie as they return to Wonderland to try and stop an evil entity that wants to crossover from Wonderland to the real world.

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