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R.I.P. Steve Bates

Former ICv2 Columnist

Published: 12/07/2010 12:48am

We were saddened to hear of the passing of Steve Bates, our first regular columnist here at ICv2 (see “ICv2 Adds First Regular Columnist”).  Bates passed away in his sleep due to cancer on December 3rd; he was 48. 


Bates was the longtime manager of Bookery Fantasy, a two-store chain in Ohio, which gave him a great perspective as a writer for us.  He continued to use his extensive experience in the business in the new role he took on in 2005 at Diamond Comic Distributors (see “I Think I Can Manage—Fat Lady, a capella”), where he wrote for Diamond Daily and other Diamond publications.    


Steve was a great guy and had tremendous knowledge of and appreciation for the comics medium.  Our sympathies go out to his family and to all who knew him.

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