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Chikara Entertainment Shuttered

Longtime Graphic Novel Print Broker

Published: 04/04/2011 01:05am
Longtime graphic novel print broker Robert Conte’s Chikara Entertainment, which also offered book packaging and publishing consulting services, is closing today. Chikara’s accounts are being turned over to Steven Goff’s Global PSD. Conte cited personal reasons for the move. 
Conte brokered international printing for over 2000 titles from over 40 publishers during its 10 years in the business, including Top Shelf’s Lost Girls, Villard/Random House’s Mouse Guard Fall 1152, and Dynamite’s The Boys Definitive Editions, facilitating the move of many publishers to off-shore printing as a way to cut costs. 
Conte has recently opened retail stores Brooklyn Comics & More and Manhattan Comics & More with partner Gary Esposito. 
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