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'Avengers Movie HeroClix'

Expansion for 'Marvel HeroClix'

Published: 12/22/2011 03:03am
The heroes and villains of the upcoming Avengers movie will be featured in a HeroClix expansion from WizKids.  It is scheduled to release in March, 2012.

The Avengers heroes, including Captain America and Thor, will be part of the 40 figure set, as will villains such as Red Skull and Loki.

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The Avengers Movie HeroClix Starter will include six figures with unique dials, two maps, rulebook, dice, and reference card.  Each Starter will have a code to unlock on-line HeroClix content.

The new figures will also be available in single-figure Boosters and three-figure Team Packs.  Each Booster and Team Pack will also have an on-line code.

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