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Chris Powell to Diamond

As Executive Director of Biz Dev

Published: 01/15/2012, Last Updated: 01/16/2012 03:10am
Chris Powell is joining Diamond Comic Distributors as Executive Director of Business Development for the comic book specialty market.  Powell moves to Diamond from his position as General Manager and Chief Relationship Officer of Lone Star Comics and of Arlington, Texas.
The newly created executive-level position will be tasked with the design and implementation of supplier supported programs to encourage and assist comic retailers to improve and expand their businesses, with an emphasis on creating additional brick and mortar locations. 
Powell will be based in Timonium and report to both Diamond COO Chuck Parker and VP Sales and Marketing Roger Fletcher.  He will move to Diamond in March, after a transition period at Lone Star. 
In addition to his role at Lone Star, Powell was a Founding Board Member of comic retailer organization ComicsPro and as President of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. 
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