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Aspen to Publish 'Art of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'

Movie Opens June 22nd

Published: 04/27/2012, Last Updated: 05/01/2012 05:44am
Aspen Comics has announced the publication of The Art of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, a deluxe 128-page hardcover book based on the 20th Century Fox movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which is being directed by Timur Bekmanbetov (Wanted) and produced by Tim Burton.  The Art of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which has a cover price of $24.99, will be released on June 6th.
The deluxe hardcover contains storyboards, conceptual art, and production illustrations.  Especially impressive are the stroryboards rendered by artist Indar Dzhendubaev.  As Bekmanbetov put it, "we tried to craft a book that pushes the envelope of visual design and does justice to the great work of the artists and designers who worked on the film."
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