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Vaughn on 'Secret Service'

Millar Confirms

Published: 11/08/2012 01:26am
Mark Millar has confirmed in a CBR interview that Matthew Vaughn pulled out of directing the next X-Men film (see "Vaughn Out as Next 'X-Men' Director") in order to direct Secret Service, based on the Millar comic series.  The pair decided to fast-track Secret Service after hearing that scripts for three films based on similar ideas were circulating in Hollywood.  "So Matthew and I said, '**** this,' Millar said.  "We’re not letting anyone steal our ideas."
This confirms that the rumor that Vaughn dropped out of X-Men to direct Star Wars Episode 7 (see "Disney-Lucasfilm Rumor Roundup") was unfounded.
Vaughn had previously indicated he would do another film based on a Millar comic, but had not said which one (see "Vaughn Choosing Millar Comics Film"). 
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