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Spumco Returns!

From IDW & Yoe Books

Published: 11/15/2012, Last Updated: 11/16/2012 04:30am
IDW Publishing and Yoe Books will release John K Presents Spumco Comic Book, collecting long out of print, early comics as well as never before published comics of John Kricfalusi, on February 27, 2013.  This deluxe, full color, 160-page hardcover will retail for $34.99.
Best known as the creator of Ren & Stimpy and Sody Pop, Kricfalusi began his comics career in 1994 as a cover artist for Warrior Publications' Hero Illustrated.  In 1995, he began Spumco Comic Book from Marvel Comics as both a writer and penciller.  Moving the series to Dark Horse Comics in 1995, Kricfalusi introduced characters such as George Liquor and Jimmy the Idiot Boy.  The series only lasted for three issues and ceased publication in 1997.  John K Presents Spumco Comic Book collects these early Kricfalusi comics as well. Kricfalusi's last comics work appeared in TwoMorrows' Draw! magazine in 2003.
John K Presents Spumco Comic Book is the latest offering in the partnership between IDW Publishing and Yoe Books (see "Ditko Monsters"). 
--Nathan Wilson
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