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Bleeding Cool's Top 100 Most Powerful

In Comics

Published: 11/21/2012 01:58am
Bleeding Cool has named DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee as the most powerful person in comics in the first issue of Bleeding Cool magazine, due out today.  The magazine lists the top 100, by its assessment, in the issue.  The rest of the top ten were released through USA Today on Tuesday:
#1 Jim Lee, DC Co-Publisher
#2  Isaac Perlmutter, Marvel CEO
#3  Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead creator
#4  Geoff Johns, DC CCO
#5   Joe Quesada, Marvel CCO
#6  Brian Michael Bendis, Marvel writer
#7  Dan DiDio, DC Co-Publisher
#8  Thomas Tull, Legendary Films CEO
#9  Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios President
#10 Eric Stephenson, Image Comics Publisher
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