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Frazetta PB Cover Tops $262K

'Calvin & Hobbes' for $203K

Published: 11/23/2012, Last Updated: 11/26/2012 04:59am
The original art for a Frank Frazetta paperback cover sold for $262,900 at the recently completed Heritage Vintage Comics and Comic Art Signature Auction: the first Calvin & Hobbes Sunday strip original ever auctioned topped $203,000; and the art for a Carmine Infantino Flash cover sold for over $167,000.
The Frazetta oil was the art for a Popular Library paperback published in 1968, The Solar Invasion, by Manley Wade Wellman. 
A Bill Watterson Calvin & Hobbes hand-colored original for the Sunday strip for November 19, 1986, the first Watterson strip original ever auctioned, set a world record price for strip art of $203,150.  The piece was a gift to fellow cartoonist Brian Basset, who sold it after holding it for many years. 
And the Carmine Infantino-Murphy Anderson art for the cover of Flash #137 from 1963 sold for $167,300, among many other significant pieces of comic art that sold for lower prices in this auction.
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