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Clay Mann's Cover for 'X-Factor' #250

Encompassing Every Iteration of the Team

Published: 12/17/2012, Last Updated: 12/18/2012 03:25am
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Marvel Comics has released several 50th Anniversary X-Men variant covers including Clay Mann’s densely-populated cover for X-Factor #250 that appears (at least to this observer) to include just about every member of every iteration of X-Factor team. 
A year of X-Factor storylines swirl towards a conclusion in the “Hell on Earth War,” which kicks off in X-Factor #250.  The "war" in which the various Hell Lords battle for domination is triggered by the birth of the seventh billionth soul on Earth, and it’s up to X-Factor to save the planet once again.
X-Factor #250, which is due out on January 16th, is written by Peter David with art by Leonard Kirk and a standard cover by David Yardin as well as the stunning Clay Mann variant.
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