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The Rhino Featured in New 'Ultimate Spider-Man' Clip

2nd Season Just Under Way

Published: 01/24/2013 11:40am
In this clip from the next episode of The Ultimate Spider-Man, which airs on Sunday January 28th on Disney XD, Spidey gets a chance to go up against The Rhino, who seems to have it in for Spidey's rival Flash Thompson.

In the new second season of The Ultimate Spider-Man, which debuted last Sunday, Spidey and his cohort of teen heroes face the challenge of dealing with that massive array of supervillains known as "The Secret Six."

It didn’t take long for Disney to order a second season of The Ultimate Spider-Man, which anchors the "Marvel Block" on Sunday nights on the Disney XD cable network (see "Disney Orders a Second Season of 'Ultimate Spiderman'").
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