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Santiago Bio of Air Jordan

Fantagraphics, March 2014

Published: 01/29/2013, Last Updated: 01/30/2013 04:14am
Following up on his 2011 21: The Story of Roberto Clemente with Fantagraphics Books, cartoonist Wilfred Santiago is returning to the sports world for his next biographical endeavor, Michael Jordan: Bull on Parade.  Set for a March 2014 release, the 200-page hardcover will be full color and retail for $24.99.
No stranger to biography, Santiago also worked as a penciller on 2002's King graphic novel with Ho Che Anderson.  Prior to that, Santiago did cover art and interiors for Milestone Media titles such as Hardware, Icon, Static, and Blood Syndicate in the early-to-mid 1990s.
--Nathan Wilson
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