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Asmodee Expands 'Seasons'

'Enchanted Kingdom' Planned for July

Published: 01/29/2013 04:17pm
The first expansion set for the 2012 hit game Seasons has been announced for a July release.  Enchanted Kingdom adds new Power cards, enchantment cards, and special abilities to the game.
The expansion will include two copies each of twenty new Power cards, which will all be fully compatible with the 100 games in the original base set.  The 10 new Enchantment cards are designed to create more variation between games.  Perhaps most interesting is the introduction of the new Special Ability tokens.  This addition takes advantage of the large open space on the individual playing boards to allow players to customize their sorcerer.
Additional game material is expected to include two replacement cards for basic game cards that have had errata.
Enchanted Kingdom will include more than 50 cards and 12 special ability tokens.  The suggested retail price will be $24.99.
The base game for Seasons shipped in August (see "New 'Seasons' Board Game").
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