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'Betrayal of the Guardian' Sneak Preview

In February

Published: 01/31/2013 01:43am
Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced its second Sneak Preview event for a new World of Warcraft set, the Betrayal of the Guardian Sneak Preview. Events will be held February 16th and 17th for the set, which streets February 22nd (see "'WoW TCG Set 20: Timewalkers--Betrayal of the Guardian'"). 
Players at the events, which will typically cost $30, will compete in a sealed Swiss-style event with single game matches.  The number of rounds will be determined by the tournament attendance.
Participants will receive a Nazzik, Timewalker Trickster promo foil card, and the top finishers based on attendance will receive Betrayal of the Guardian Booster Packs.
Cryptozoic launched its Sneak Preview program with Timewalkers: War of the Ancients in September (see "Cryptozoic Reveals 'World of Warcraft' Sneak Preview Program").
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