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Book Publishers Launch Bookish

To Sell Books

Published: 02/05/2013 01:49am
A consortium of three book publishers has opened a retail Website that will offer 1.2 million titles, according to the Wall Street Journal.  The site,, was founded by Hachette, Penguin, and Simon & Schuster.  It will offer independent editorial content about books, metadata on books (provided by sixteen other publishers in addition to the three founding companies), recommendations, and a store that sells both print and digital books.  The site will also offer consumers links to buy from other online print and digital retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 
Bookish is offering some graphic novels (including Marvels, DCs and Viz manga), and RPGs (including Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder) at launch. Many books are being sold at discounts of around 20% off retail. 
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