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Catalyst Keeps 'Shadowrun'

And 'BattleTech'/'MechWarrior'

Published: 02/07/2013 02:26am
Catalyst Game Labs and The Topps Company have signed a long term extension for the Shadowrun and MechWarrior/BattleTech licenses.  The extension means that Catalyst can continue to make products featuring the properties. 
Catalyst took over the production of BattleTech and Shadowrun products from FanPro in 2007, when it acquired a license from WizKids, at the time a subsidiary of Topps (see "Catalyst Now Has 'BattleTech'").  Catalyst extended its license in 2008 (see "Catalyst Signs Two Year Deal") and continued to publish games based on the properties since, despite some rough patches for the company (see "Catalyst Pulls Some 'Shadowrun' Products").  When Topps shut down WizKids and eventually sold the company, Topps maintained ownership of BattleTech and Shadowrun and kept the licenses with Catalyst intact (see "'BattleTech' and 'Shadowrun' Carry On”).
Catalyst is planning some major activity around Shadowrun this year, the "year of Shadowrun," plus numerous BattleTech book titles. 
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