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Dwayne Johnson Off 'Lobo'

Movie Floundering?

Published: 02/18/2013 12:11am
Dwayne Johnson, who reported he’d been cast to play Lobo last summer (see "The Rock Is Cooking Up Some 'Lobo'"), is no longer planning to play the role, he told MTV.  "For a minute I was interested in it [Lobo], then it went away."
Brad Peyton, who’d worked with Johnson in Journey 2: Mysterious Island, was slated to direct the Lobo feature (see "New Director for 'Lobo'"); Johnson’s comments make it sound like that version of the Lobo movie is no longer moving forward.  "...[I]t kind of just went away," he said.  "As things happen in Hollywood sometimes."
Peyton came on after Guy Ritchie, who’d been hired to direct in 2009, dropped out. 
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