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Clayton Crain Joins 'Harbinger Wars' Crossover

For Issue #1

Published: 02/21/2013, Last Updated: 02/22/2013 03:50am
Valiant Entertainment has announced that superstar artist Clayton Crain (X-Force, Carnage) will be joining the creative team of Joshua Dysart, Duane Swierczynski, and Clayton Henry for Harbingers Wars #1, the first of a four-issue series that is the focal point for the 12-issue Harbinger Wars crossover event that pits Bloodshot and Harbinger against a new generation of superhumans and each other (see "'Harbinger Wars' Debuts in April").

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In the first issue of Harbinger Wars, which is due out on April 3rd, Crain will be drawing a pivotal sequence that introduces Generation Zero, the strike force controlled by Project Rising Spirit that inadvertently sets the Harbinger Wars in motion.
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