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USAopoly Plans 'Firefly' Games

'CLUE' and 'Yahtzee'

Published: 02/24/2014 06:13pm
At Toy Fair, USAopoly shared plans for two new Firefly products for 2014, including CLUE: Firefly and Yahtzee: Firefly.
Details were scarce, and USAopoly Media Coordinator Andrea Rodi said neither game may appear before the end of 2014, but the CLUE: Firefly game will include the mystery theme, "Who helped the Alliance take River?"  Rodi also shared that for Yahtzee: Firefly, the dice container will be a replica of the Serenity ship.  Both release date and MSRP are TBD.
Firefly game-related licensing has been in vogue of late, with Gale Force Nine’s Firefly: The Game doing well (see "'Firefly: The Game--Pirates & Bounty Hunters'"), and the release of Margaret Weis Productions Firefly RPG (see "Preview: 'Firefly' RPG").
For more upcoming USAopoly releases, see "USAopoly's 2014 'Walking Dead' Products."
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