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Case Closed TCG Will Be 'Uncut'

Streets June 29th

Published: 03/17/2005 12:00am

Score's Case Closed TCG (see 'Score Plans Case Closed TCG'), which streets June 29th, will be based on the 'uncut' Case Closed (Detective Conan) anime, and will be rated by Score for ages 14 and up for violence.


Boosters will each include six commons, three uncommons, and one foil rare, and will be sold in 12-pack displays.


Starters will include 50 random game cards (30 commons, 15 uncommons, five rares), 12 Starter-only fixed cards, a demo poster, and full color rulebook. 


The game will be played with three decks, Case, Problem and Draw. 


The anime, currently rated #1 in Japan, is expected to return to Adult Swim in the coming months. 

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