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Full Metal Alchemist Still on Top

Star Wars Graphic Novel 05's Best-Seller So Far

Published: 05/27/2005 12:00am
Top GN So Far

Viz's Full Metal Alchemist remained at the top of the BookScan list of graphic novels sold in bookstores for the week ending May 22nd.  This was the fourth straight #1 finish for FMA, the longest stretch at the top of the list that any graphic novel has enjoyed this year.  But the top-selling graphic novel for 2005 so far is the Dark Horse Comics adaptation of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, which remained in the second position for the fourth week in a row. 


Volume #9 of Tokyopop's popular Fruits Basket series skyrocketed from #496 to #3 in its first full week of release and is a likely candidate to end Full Metal Alchemist's reign in the next BookScan report.  Fruits Basket Vol. 8 also remained in the Top Ten at number 9, and Tokyopop's Sokora Refugees Vol. 1 (written by Borders Group graphic novel buyer Kurt Hassler) made its debut in the Top Ten at #7.


Viz had five of the Top Ten titles with (in addition to FMA) Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 14 at #4, the stylish shonen ai vampire series Descendants of Darkness Vol. 5 at #6, Naruto Vol. 6 at #8 and Shaman King Vol. 6 at #10.  Del Rey' popular Clamp title Tsubasa Vol. 5 slipped just one place and ended up at #5.


For the first time in a long time none of Frank Miller's Sin City graphic novels were in the Top Ten, though all were in the Top 50.  The R. Crumb Handbook slipped to #13, while Dark Horse's Star Wars Visionaries vaulted up from #76 to #31.  Overall manga took 39 of the top 50 spots on the chart.

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