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Comics and Graphic Novels Both Up Double Digits

For June

Published: 01/18/2006 12:00am

Sales of periodical comics in comic stores registered a solid 13% gain in June versus sales in the same month in 2004, with graphic novel sales in the channel growing 11%, producing an over-all gain in comic and graphic novel sales of 12% for June versus 2004.  Periodical comics sales in June, spurred on by the continuing strength of summer 'event' releases (see '''House of M' Boffo at 233K'), reversed two months of decline (April and May) to secure a 1% gain for comic sales in Q2, 2005 versus Q2 2004.  Meanwhile graphic novel sales rose a robust 15% for the quarter and raised total comics and graphic novels sales in Q2 2005 a 3% over the combined sales in the second quarter of 2004.


Graphic novel sales in June rose by double digits for the sixth consecutive month, while periodical comics rose just 3% in Q1 and 1% in Q2.  Interestingly the rise in sales of graphic novels in June was not concentrated in the top few titles, but spread throughout a growing list of graphic novel releases.


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