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Home Video Sales Drop

In 2005

Published: 01/01/2006 12:00am

DVD Exclusive is reporting that home video sales dropped about 1% last year, the first drop in over 25 years.  DVD sales rose 10%, down from a 28% growth rate in 2004, but a variety of other factors were drags on the business, including crashing VHS sales, down 60% from 2004; a 4% decline in rental income; rapidly falling DVD prices; and fewer monster hits.  Pop culture retailers have certainly felt the effects of falling prices and slower growth, in anime as in other DVD categories. 


The top five bestselling DVDs in 2005 were:

The Incredibles

Star Wars Episode III:  Revenge of the Sith

Madagascar (tie)

Shark Tale (tie)

Polar Express


Batman Begins was #10, selling a surprisingly high 90% of box office revenue in DVD sales. 
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