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Digital Manga Names New Yaoi Imprint

A Tribute to Jean Genet

Published: 02/08/2006 12:00am

Digital Manga Publishing is launching a new yaoi imprint called 'June' (pronounced 'Jooneh'), named after the famous French novelist Jean Genet, known for his post WW II novels (Journal du Voleur, Notre-Dame des Fleurs) depicting the subtle erotica between beautiful boys.  Genet's work is well known in Japan where it has inspired the publication of a 'June' magazine, which, like DMP's new imprint, plays off the way in which the Japanese pronounce the author's last name.  DMP's Isaac Lew noted that the publisher has 'been doing very well with our yaoi titles and felt that creating the June label would be the most appropriate thing for DMP's marketing awareness.'


Digital Manga has announced the first title published under the new imprint, The Art of Loving by Eiki Eiki, which will be released on April 5. All subsequent DMP yaoi titles will be released under the new imprint.


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