Confessions of a Comic Book Guy--A Nuclear Powered Car! A Ray Gun! He's Awesome!

Column by Steve Bennett

This week, Bennett talks about Big Hero 6, Disney Animation's new Marvel movie.
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'Gotham' Will Feature Two More Classic Bat Villains

Two-Face & Prof. Hugo Strange

Professor Hugo Strange will be a key player in the Gotham TV show.
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'Black Stories'

From Z-Man Games

Z-Man games will release an English edition of murder-mystery card game.
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BOOM! Studios Lands Grant Morrison

Project Not Yet Announced

No details yet on Morrisons BOOM! Studios project.
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Skybound to Distribute 'Superfight'

Card Game

Nationwide distribution deal for independent card game.
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Dynamite Launching New 'John Carter: Warlord of Mars' Series

First Fruits of Agreement with ERB, Inc.

The flagship of Dynamite's Barsoom line of ERB inspired books.
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Valiant & Visionbook to Produce Animated Digital Comic Books

Launching Today With 'X-0 Manowar' #1-4

The next big step in animating comic books?
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Marvel Studios Planning 'One Sequel and One New Character Per Year'

But No 'Planet Hulk'

Something old and something new from Marvel every year.
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Preview: 'Kaijudo: Vortex' Card

From Wizards of the Coast

Exclusive preview of Eternal Gaia Dragon card from Kaijudo: Vortex TCG.
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Justin Gray To Write 'The Lone Ranger'

For Dynamite

Dynamite Entertainment reluanching The Lone Ranger with Justin Gray writing.
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Extended 'Star Wars Rebels' Trailer

More Than Twice As Long

New extended trailer is 2.5 minutes long.
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Lucy Lawless (Xena) Joining 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'

In Season 2

Xena heads to Level 7 as fanboys jump for joy on aging knees.
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