Comics Down--Three Is a Trend

March Sales Continue Slide

The long bull market in comics is officially over, or at least pausing.
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Kirby Heirs Appeal to Supreme Court

To Reverse Decision

Argue appeals court unconstitutionally appropriated copyrights.
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Liberty Media Dumps Barnes & Noble

Stock Falls

Shares fell after Liberty cut most of its preferred stake.
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Paizo's Erik Mona: The ICv2 Interview

The Market, and Paizo's Positioning

In Part 1, we talk about the RPG industry on the brink of D&D 5E.
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Erik Mona: The ICv2 Interview, Pt. 2

Video Game and New Products

In Part 2, we talk about market change, the video game, and planned releases.
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Preview: 'Flash Gordon' #1

From Dynamite Entertainment

5-page preview of Flash Gordon #1, published by Dynamite Entertainment.
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'Original Sins'

Second Miniseries from Marvel

Second miniseries, with stand-alone stories, launching in June.
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AEG's 'Seventh Hero'

Summer Release for 'Big in Japan' Line

New card game for Big in Japan line, set for summer release.
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Holly Hunter in 'Superman / Batman'

Also Callan Mulvey and Tao Okamoto

Also Callen Mulvey and Tao Okamoto; all in new roles.
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'CFV Trial Deck Vol. 13: Successor of the Sacred Regalia'

In June

Bushiroad will release new deck in June.
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Johnny Knoxville, Tony Shalhoub in 'TMNT'

Voicing Leonardo, Splinter

Leonardo and Splinter will have new voices.
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March BookScan--Top 20 Graphic Novels

Big Two Shut Out Again

For the second consecutive month in March, neither Marvel nor DC placed a title "Top 20 Adult Graphic Novels."
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