Two New Posters from 'The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies'

Bilbo & Gandalf Featured in Bleak Images

Check out the powerful new posters of Bilbo and Gandalf.
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'The Flash' Posts Best CW Debut in 5 Years

Easily Beats 'Arrow's' Debut Numbers

The Flash posts great numbers in its CW debut.
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Dynamite's 'King Features' Event

Five Miniseries Build to Crossover in May

Five King Features miniseries debut in January.
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'The Walking Dead' Renewed for Sixth Season

Days Before Season 5 Debuts

The Walking Dead renewed even before new season begins.
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Confessions of a Comic Book Guy--Follow The Stream

Column by Steve Bennett

This week, Bennett looks at the impact of streaming on animation.
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Supreme Court Denies Shuster 'Superman' Appeal

Lower Court Ruling Will Stand

Another win for Warners as lower court ruling will stand.
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First Look at Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold

Future Villain Revealed as the 'Most Comic Book Show Ever' Debuts

Geoff Johns posts two photos of Captain Cold.
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'FUSE' Dice Game

From Renegade Games in 2015

New dice game designed by Kane Klenko from Renegade Game Studios.
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Archie Teases 'Sonic/Mega Man' Crossover

'Worlds Unite' Set for Spring 2015

Crossover will run through the Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man titles.
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New 'Kaosball' Team Boxes and League Kit

In October

Four more team boxes and OP kit in mid-October.
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Robert Downey, Jr. 'Confirms' 'Iron Man 4'

Negotiations Underway

Downey, Jr. apparently confirms Iron Man 4.
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Martin Donovan Joins 'Ant-Man' Cast

In 'Pivotal' Role

Donovan joins cast in undisclosed pivotal role.
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