Archie Teases 'Sonic/Mega Man' Crossover

'Worlds Unite' Set for Spring 2015

Crossover will run through the Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man titles.
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New 'Kaosball' Team Boxes and League Kit

In October

Four more team boxes and OP kit in mid-October.
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Robert Downey, Jr. 'Confirms' 'Iron Man 4'

Negotiations Underway

Downey, Jr. apparently confirms Iron Man 4.
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Martin Donovan Joins 'Ant-Man' Cast

In 'Pivotal' Role

Donovan joins cast in undisclosed pivotal role.
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Will 'Fantastic Four' End in 2015 With Issue #645?

Book Solicitation Copy Indicates It Might

Book solicitation indicates Fantastic Four comic will end with #645.
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Dynamite Nabs 'Bond, James Bond'

New '007' Comic Books in 2015

Dynamite Entertainment launching 007 comics in 2015.
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Following the Money at Today's Conventions

Column by Rob Salkowitz

Who's spending money at convention shows?
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Marvel Announces 'The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl' #1

New Ongoing Series in January

The Marvel Universe is going to get a little nuttier in January.
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'Mars Attacks' Miniatures Game Expansions

'Humanity Resists' 'Box Set, 'Martian Dredd,' More

Humanity Resists box set, Martian Dredd mini, more, in November.
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'Letters to Santa'

Limited Edition 'Love Letter' Variation

Limited edition Love Letter holiday variation arrives in November.
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Dynamite Teases Next Event--'All Hail'

With Disparate 1930s-Style Heroes

Dynamite is prepping a crossover with disparate 1930s-era heroes.
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Four Titles Over 100K in September

'Death of Wolverine' & 'Futures End' Power Big Sales

Futures End titles dominate the Top 25.
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