Confessions of a Comic Book Guy--Here Comes Antboy

Column by Steve Bennett

This week, Bennett looks at comics about Muslims and upcoming movies based on European comics.
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Review: 'Charlie Brown and Friends: A Peanuts Collection' TP

ICv2 Stars: 4 (out of 5)

Review of Charlie Brown and Friends: A Peanuts Collection TP, published by Andrews McMeel.
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Jordan Weisman on 'Golem Arcana'

Updates and Release Date

Weisman shared updated information on the trade release and demo plans.
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'Hanabi' Sales Top 106,000

For R&R Games

Over 20,000 copies shipped in December alone.
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Hastings Improved Holidays

But Still Lost Money for Year

Hastings made $2.3 million for the quarter, but its full year loss still got worse.
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'Icons' RPG, 'Freeport: City of Adventure,' & 'Love 2 Hate'

Three from Green Ronin

Three releases from Green Ronin Publishing.
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Bendis Joins Stan Lee in Promoting FCBD

Via Video

Big name videos promoting Free Comic Book Day are piling up!
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First 'Hercules' Trailer

Based on Graphic Novel

Paramount and MGM have released the first trailer for Hercules, based on the graphic novel.
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'Marvel Dice Masters: X-Men' and 'Play Mat'

Shown at GTS

Preview pictures of upcoming Marvel Dice Masters products.
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Monday Marvel Movie Round-Up

'Guardians,' 'Avengers 2,' 'Ant-Man,' and 'Wolverine'

There was a flood of Marvel movie news on Monday.
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'Pathfinder' GN a la RPG

Crossover Packaging, Content

The second hardcover collection has crossover packaging and more RPG content.
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Review: 'Captain Midnight Vol. 1: On the Run' TP

ICv2 Stars: 3.5 (out of 5)

Review of Captain Midnight Vol. 1: On the Run TP, published by Dark Horse.
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