'Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Secrets of Eternity'

In January

Konami will release a new booster set for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG in January.
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Why Is the Con Scene Exploding?

Questions for the ICv2 Conference

Who are these hundreds of thousands of new attendees, and what does it mean?
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Pulling Manara Variants 'Only a Scheduling Problem'

Alonso Explains

Alonso says shift was due to overbooking.
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Judge in 'D&D' Case Urges Settlement

As Trial Ends

Trial for Dungeons & Dragons movie rights ends; decision may be a while.
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Steve Niles 'Breath of Bones' Adaptation Gets Director

Andrew Adamson

Chronicles of Narnia director Andrew Adamson attached to direct Breath of Bones.
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'Strong Female Protagonist'

In December

From Top Shelf Productions in December.
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'Feng Shui 2' Action Movie RPG

From Atlas Games in 2015

New edition from Atlas Games in 2015.
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'7 Wonders Babel'

From Asmodee

New expansion for 7 Wonders board game from Asmodee.
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Salt Lake Asks Court to Cancel Comic-Con Trademark

In Response to Lawsuit

The organizers of Salt Lake Comic Con have filed a counterclaim.
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Confessions of a Comic Book Guy--Toons with Tats

Column by Steve Bennett

This week, Bennett looks at cartoon characters with tattoos.
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Marvel Pulls Manara Variants

Publisher Pulls Two Unseen Covers

Two unseen covers were resolicited with new artists.
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Deadpool... Dies?

Marvel Exec Teases Character Death

Marvel exec teases death of a character in March 2015.
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