Review: 'Skyman Vol. 1: The Right Stuff' TP

ICv2 Stars: 3 (out of 5)

Review of Skyman Vol. 1: The Right Stuff TP, published by Dark Horse.
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Discovery Takes Control of The Hub

Changing Name, Evening Programming

Discovery plans to change the name and the evening programming in a rebranding.
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'Star Realms' Passes 50,000 Units

As Third Printing Hits Market

Third printing in less than a year hits market in mid-October.
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Konami Introduces New 'YGO' Configuration

With 'YGO: The New Challengers Super Edition'

New Super Edition, launching with The New Challengers set.
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Final 'LOEG' Nemo Trilogy GN

Spring 2015

Top Shelf will release Nemo: River of Ghosts in Spring 2015.
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'Netrunner: Order and Chaos' Deluxe Expansion

In December

Third large expansion for top LCG in December.
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'X-Men: Apocalypse' Characters Shift

Which Mutants Will Appear, Which Won't

Screenwriter shares which mutants are in, which are out.
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'Big Hero 6' Trailer Shows Expanded Cast

Plus See Them Suited Up in TV Spot

Plus see the team ready for action in TV spot!
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'Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Secrets of Eternity'

In January

Konami will release a new booster set for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG in January.
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Why Is the Con Scene Exploding?

Questions for the ICv2 Conference

Who are these hundreds of thousands of new attendees, and what does it mean?
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Pulling Manara Variants 'Only a Scheduling Problem'

Alonso Explains

Alonso says shift was due to overbooking.
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Judge in 'D&D' Case Urges Settlement

As Trial Ends

Trial for Dungeons & Dragons movie rights ends; decision may be a while.
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