'Marvel Dice Masters' OP and Restock

Updates from WizKids

New draft format and product restock schedule from WizKids.
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‚ÄčElden Henson Joins 'Daredevil'

As Foggy Nelson

As Foggy Nelson, best friend and legal partner to Matt Murdock.
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‚ÄčOriginal Guardians Return

Dan Abnett Pens 'Guardians 3000'

A new series starting in October.
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'The Flash,' 'Arrow' Launches Set

For 'Arrow' S3 and 'The Flash' S1

New The Flash series receives premium roll out this fall.
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Paizo Plans 'Pathfinder Class Decks'

For Card Games, OP

A series of Class Decks for its collaborative deck building games.
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First Look at 'Mad Max: Fury Road'

With Hardy, Theron

A series of photos from the upcoming Mad Max movie.
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BOOM! Plans First 'Regular Show' OGN


New OGN by Rachel Connor and Tessa Stone.
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Games, Collectibles up at Barnes & Noble

Which Is Closing Stores

That category was up, but the company will close another 20 stores.
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'Infinity' 3rd Edition

For Sci-Fi Minis Game

A new rulebook for the sci-fi manga-style miniatures game.
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'Wonder Woman: The Complete Newspaper Comics'

IDW Printing Entire 1940s Run

IDW Publishing prints entire 1940s run in new collection.
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Spurlock Does Bronies

In New Documentary

New documentary focusing on Bronies in July. View the trailer here.
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Confessions of a Comic Book Guy--What Do You Do When You're Branded?*

Column by Steve Bennett

This week, Bennett muses on the Licensing Expo.
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