'VOX' by Matteo De Longis

From Magnetic Press in November

Rock-n-roll art concept book from Magnetic Press in November.
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'Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel'

Peter Milligan, Cary Nord

Valiant releasing new miniseries by Peter Milligan and Cary Nord.
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'Weiss Schwarz: Fairy Tail ver. E'

In December

New expansion, based on hot anime property, due in December.
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'Planes' from Alderac

In November

Second major board game in the "Destination Fun" series arrives in November.
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San Diego Comic-Con Sues Salt Lake Comic Con

Over Trademark

San Diego is alleging trademark infringement by Salt Lake.
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'Rocket Raccoon' Nearly 300K

In July Diamond Sales

Three titles over 100K, vs. five in July 2013.
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Wizard World Continues Swing to Profits

With a Strong Second Quarter

The number of shows and dollars per show are both rising.
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Universal, Imagine Get 'Vampire Chronicles'

From Anne Rice

They have acquired rights to the Anne Rice novel series.
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'Babylon 5' Film Reboot

JMS to Write

J. Michael Straczynski announced plans to write a Babylon 5 feature film reboot.
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'Lone Wolf Adventure Game'

Based on Joe Dever's Gamebooks

Based on fantasy gamebook and RPG series by Joe Dever.
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San Diego Comic-Con's Battle to Stay on Top

Column by Rob Salkowitz

It's not that SDCC has jumped the shark; it has become the shark.
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'Star Wars: Armada'

Tactical Miniatures Game in 2015

New Star Wars tactical miniatures game for two players from FFG.
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