Darwyn Cooke's 'Batman Beyond' Short

Part of 75th Anniversary Celebration

The coolest celebration of Batman's 75th yet.
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Batman to Get Max 'Coverage' in July

Dark Knight to Adorn 21 DC Variant Covers

All star artists providing 21 Batman variants for July.
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Three DC Weekly Series Will End in March of 2015

'Batman Eternal' Will Go 'On Hiatus'

Three weekly comics ending in March 2015, but Batman Eternal just on hiatus.
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'DC HeroClix: The Flash'

In October

Three SKUs will release beginning in October.
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Review: 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Different Story' Vol. 1 TP (Manga)

ICv2 Stars: 3 (out of 5)

Review of Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Different Story Vol. 1 TP, published by Yen Press.
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'Farscape' TV Movie in the Works

For Jim Henson Productions

Farscape movie will be shot in Australia.
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Three Versions of Seiji Kanai's 'Lost Legacy'

From Alderac Entertainment

Alderac Entertainment plans three space-themed versions of card game.
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'MLP,' Girls' Toys Give Hasbro Solid Q1

'Duel Masters' Faulted for Decline in Game Sales

Magic: The Gathering was up, but overall Wizards of the Coast sales dropped in Q1.
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'FF' Reboot Will Be Origin Story

Coming of Age Saga With Young Versions of Iconic Characters

Fantastic Four reboot will be a coming of age/origin saga.
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Personal Branding Leaves a Mark on the Geek Culture Industry

By Rob Salkowitz

Should creator behavior affect perception of art?
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Yen Press Announces New 'Light Novel' Imprint

Plus New Manga from Takashi Nagasaki ('Monster') & More

Plus a new manga series from the creator of Monster.
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'Star Wars Rebels' WonderCon Clip

Channeling the Original Trilogy

Check out the look of the action packed new Star Wars cartoon.
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