‚ÄčThe 2014 Eisner Award Nominees

'Hawkeye,' 'The Wake' On Top

Hawkeye and The Wake top with five nominations each.
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'Scalped' in Development at WGN

As Series

WGN America has acquired rights to the Vertigo title Scalped.
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First 'Twilight Zone' June GN

From Dynamite Entertianment

Dynamite Entertainment will release a collection of its first J. Michael Straczynski story arc.
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CCP Ends 'WoD' Production

By Shutting Down MMO, Layoffs

CCP has canceled its long gestating MMO based on White Wolf's World of Darkness.
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'Attack on Titan' Comes to Toonami

And Home Video

Anime will begin airing in May, followed by home video in June.
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'Enigma,' 'North Wind,' 'Battle at Kemble's Cascade'

New Z-Man Games Announced at TableTop Event

New Z-Man Games announced for Q3 release.
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Jodorowsky's 'The White Lama'

And Durieux's 'Benito Mambo'

And Durieux's Benito Mambo from Humanoids this month.
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Brief Glimpse of Splinter

In New 'TMNT' TV Spot

Finally see the sensei in new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV spot.
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New 'X-Men: DoFP' Trailer

Future Mutant Powers on Display

Watch the future mutants battle against encroaching Sentinels.
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Stronghold Allies with Artipia

Starts with 'Among the Stars'

Stronghold and Artipia have announced a strategic partnership for co-publishing.  
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The Retailer Side of ComiXology Acquisition

By Amazon

ICv2 asked comiXology for clarification on the impact on its retailer programs.
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ComicsPro on comiXology Acquisition

By Amazon

ComicsPRO issued a short reaction statement Friday.
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