When to Use Kickstarter?

Ares Games on Its Strategy

Ares Gamesd on the impact of Kickstarter on retail sales, and when to use it.
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Fantagraphics Launches FU Press

New Micro Imprint

It will publish short run artisanal books and print projects.
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Rod Lambertifo of Rodman Comics on WizKids' 'Con In Your Store' Promotion

'WizKids never bothered to communicate…'

Rod Lambertifo comments on the WizKids' 'Con in Your Store' program.
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'Titans' Live Action


Warner Bros. is near getting a pilot order for Titans, a one hour live action drama.
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Jim Crocker of Modern Myths on 'Darwynian Selection'

'You got the headline wrong'

JIm Crocker comments on the Darwyn Cooke variants for DC.
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Crypto Vet Forms Renegade Games

Acquires First Titles

The strategy, first games acquired, and a look at their first release.
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John Miller of Docking Bay 94 on Unreported 'Death of Wolverine' Issue Delay

'I feel like a fool telling my customers that this series is weekly'

Miller notes the Death of Wolverine weekly schedule slip.
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February 'Pathfinder' Releases

New Adventure Path Begins

New Giantslayer Adventure Path series begins.
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'S.H.I.E.L.D.' Premiere Flashes Back to WWII With Howling Commandos

And Agent Carter

Check out the Cap reunion on the Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premiere.
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'Star Trek: Attack Wing Waves 15 &16'

In May and June

WizKids will release more expansion waves in May and June.
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Greg Topalian Founds LeftField Media

Shifts at Reed

Greg Topalian, who started New York Comic Con, has founded a new company.
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'Power Grid Deluxe'

In October

The 10th Anniversary edition features new components and larger board.
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