Millennium Falcon Meets Dark Knight

In this Great Video

Lots of detail of the new Millenium Falcon, with a twist.
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Exclusive 'Justice League' Animated Series

On Machinima

Machinima has rights to Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles.
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John Ward Interview

Reflections on Five Years at GAMA

We talk to the GAMA Executive Director about the five years he’s spent in his post.
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Review: 'Valiant Universe RPG: Core Rulebook' (Game)

ICv2 Stars: 3.5 (out of 5)

Review of Valiant Universe RPG: Core Rulebook, from Catalyst Game Labs.
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'BattleLore' Army Pack Expansions

'Hernfar Guardians' and 'Warband of Scorn'

Hernfar Guardians and Warband of Scorn planned for Q1 release.
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Alison Bechdel Wins 'Genius Grant'

'Fun Home' Author Receives 2014 MacArthur Foundation Award

Fun Home author awarded MacArthur Foundation Fellowship grant.
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Loki Vs. King Kong?

Tom Hiddleston to Star in 'Skull Island'

Tom Hiddleston cast as unnamed lead in Skull Island.
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'Doctor Strange' to Shoot in U.K.

Probable 2016 Release

Summer 2016 release date rumored.
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'Rivet Wars' Expansions

In October

Three new expansions for tactical military minis game in October.
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Confessions of a Comic Book Guy--Step 1: Make an Effort

Column by Steve Bennett

This week, Bennett talks about comics for kids.

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Krispy Kreme 'Ghostbusters'

To Celebrate 30th

Krispy Kreme and Sony Pictures Consumer Products announced that Krispy Kreme will offer special Ghostbusters doughnuts from September 29th through October 31st.  
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'Lucifer' Headed to TV

Vertigo Comic Gets Pilot Commitment

A pilot with the Sandman character that was spun off into its own Vertigo series.
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