Preview: 'Kaijudo: Vortex' Card

From Wizards of the Coast

Exclusive preview of Eternal Gaia Dragon card from Kaijudo: Vortex TCG.
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Justin Gray To Write 'The Lone Ranger'

For Dynamite

Dynamite Entertainment reluanching The Lone Ranger with Justin Gray writing.
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Extended 'Star Wars Rebels' Trailer

More Than Twice As Long

New extended trailer is 2.5 minutes long.
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Lucy Lawless (Xena) Joining 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'

In Season 2

Xena heads to Level 7 as fanboys jump for joy on aging knees.
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Dynamite to Publish New 'Spirit' Comic

In Time for 75th Anniversary of the Eisner’s Iconic Character

Will Eisner's The Spirit gets a new ongoing comic series.
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Dark Horse to Publish 'Fight Club' Sequel Comic

'Fight Club 2' Will Debut in May of 2015

Fight Club returns in a 10 issue comic series from Dark Horse Comics.
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Looking into the Future of Fandom at SDCC

Column by Rob Salkowitz

This week, Salkowitz previews his Comic-Con panels.
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'Magic' Down Low Single Digits in Q2

'M:TG' Sales Are Flat in 2014 So Far

Goldner says Magic: The Gathering well positioned for the rest of 2014.
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Preview: 'Solar: Man of the Atom' #4

From Dynamite Entertainment

5-page preview of Solar: Man of the Atom #4, published by Dynamite Entertainment.
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Game Mat for 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' Game Day

Plus Comic-Con, Gen Con

Plus exclusive mats for Comic-Con and Gen Con.
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'Pokemon CCG--Ancient Power Box'

In September

Ancient Power Box dedicated to Fossil Pokemon coming in September.
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Cullen Bunn to Write New 'Masks' Crossover for Dynamite

Featuring Dynamite's Array of Licensed Pulp Heroes

Pulp hero crossover series launching in late 2014 from Dynamite Entertainment.
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