Robert Downey, Jr. in Talks for 'Captain America 3'

Will Have 'Civil War' Storyline

RDJ up for meaty Civil War role in Captain America 3.
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'Star Wars: Imperial Assault--Ally and Villain Packs'

In Q1

New expansion packs for board game in Q1.
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Oni Nabs Licensed 'Rick & Morty' Comic

Edgy Adult Swim Series Is Excellent Comic Book Fodder

Oni Press to publish comic based on cutting edge Adult Swim cartoon series.
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Marvel Teases a 2015 'Civil War' Event

Just Days After Announcing a New 'Secret Wars'

First teaser for new Civil War event recalls the old one.
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'Star Trek: Attack Wing,' 'D&D Attack Wing,' 'DC HeroClix'

WizKids NYCC Preview Pics

Pictures of several of WizKids upcoming Q4 releases.
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'Dancing Baby Groot' Toy

In Time For Christmas

Dancing Baby Groot in stores in December for about $14.99.
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Marvel Launching 'Max Ride' Miniseries

Based on the Popular YA Novel Series

Marvel version of Maximum Ride due next spring. 
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Fox Opts for a Full Season of 'Gotham'

DVR Ratings Push Debut Audience to 14 Million

Gotham sets new record by adding 2.7 ratings points in the 7-day.
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Updates to 'Friday Night Magic'

In January

New structural and promo card distribution policies begin in January.
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First Look at Charlie Cox as Netflix's 'Daredevil'

Rosario Dawson to Play Claire Temple

Will Rosario Dawson be playing Night Nurse, sure sounds like it.
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DC Digital Adds 'Wonder Woman '77'

Plus 'Mortal Kombat X' & 'Fables: Wolf'

Based on 70s TV show, Wonder Woman '77 will be in print in 2015.
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'Guardians' Scripter Will Write 'Gamora' Comic

Marvel Announces a New 'GOTG' Ongoing Series

Ongoing Gamora comic gives Marvel another strong female hero.
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