Diamond Gets Ubisoft for Book Trade

For House Graphic Novels

Ubisoft doing in-house graphic novels, but also continuing licensing.
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Plaid Hat's New Sci-fi Stealth-ops Board Game

'Specter Ops'

Specter Ops will release in 2015.
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'Guardians Team-Up' by Bendis and Adams

In February

Ongoing series launches in February.
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Japanese 'Attack on Titan'/Marvel Crossover Comic

Features Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy

The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy battle Titans.
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'Krosmaster Arena' Winter Releases

Multi-Figure Packs and 'Duel Pack 2'

Details on three multi-figure packs and Duel Pack 2.
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'Batman' and 'Hobbit' 'Love Letter' Variants

In 2015

New licensed variants planned for 2015.
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Bizarro League in 'LEGO' OVA

'LEGO DC Comics Superheroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League'

See the trailer for LEGO DC Comics Superheroes OVA due in February.
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New Japanese Card Game from IELLO


Kobayakawa will release in December.
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Marvel's #1 in Licensing


The top characters from Marvel bring in far more revenue than those from DC.
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'YGO: Secrets of Eternity Super Edition'

In February

New Super Edition product releasing in February.
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Preview: 'GFT: The Jungle Book--Fall of the Wild' #1 (of 5)

From Zenescope Entertainment

5-page preview of Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: The Jungle Book--Fall of the Wild #1, published by Zenescope Entertainment.
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'The Untold History of Black Comic Books'

In February

February publication includes nearly 200 pages of rarely seen comics.
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